Our Services

Land Services (Truck and Rail)

Lotka’s Land Service department specializes in trucking and rail transportation.

We offer:

  • Trucking Services:
  • International and domestic trucking
  • Customs bonded transit
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Out-of-gauge and overweight hauling
  • Personal and diplomatic cargo

Rail Services:

Lotka connects warehouses to railways for cost-effective cross-docking. We provide time-defined rail services within and between countries, utilizing railway networks in China, CIS, the Middle East, and Europe.

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Lotka provides comprehensive Sea Freight services to meet all your shipping requirements.
We specialize in:

* Container Services (FCL and LCL):
* Full Container Load (FCL)
* Less than Container Load (LCL)
* Various container options, including Dry/General Purpose containers,
Dangerous Goods (DG), Reefer containers, ISO Tank, Flat Rack/Open Top/platform containers, Tank containers (Tanktainer), and other container types like Bitutainer.

Ship Chartering and Brokering:
Our experienced Ship Chartering and Brokering department can help you find the perfect vessel for your requirements. We offer chartering options for Bulk and Breakbulk, Ro-Ro, and Tanker vessels.

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Lotka provides a worldwide network for all your air freight needs, with granted and time-defined services, supported by preferred carriers.

We design the best option for your carriage by carefully studying various airlines services and choose what is best for you in terms of quality and cost.

LOTKA takes advantage of her ties with reputable airliners to fulfill clients’ airlift requirements. We, thru careful study of clients’ requests and identifying the potency of applicable air service providers, will design and suggest the best quality and cost-efficient option to respond to any level of customers’ expectations. Our services are time – defined on main routes, supported by online high-tech trace and info systems.

Lotka air freight expert team with the availability of 24/7 guarantees that you’ll always be on track to your industry schedule. We through our worldwide network provide the following services:

* Normal industrial Airfreight Cargo
* Dangerous Goods (DG)
* Perishable goods and Temperature controlled air cargo
* Personal effects and diplomatic cargo
* Airport – Door Services
* Door – Airport Services
* Door – Door
* Aircraft Chartering – Cargo Aircraft Chartering

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Safeguarding the secure storage of diverse commodities, including temperature-controlled storage, handling dangerous goods (DG), repacking, and labeling, requires specialized expertise. To ensure all your warehouse requirements are met.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve successfully executed these operations for a wide range of commodities. Leveraging our skilled teams across our global branches, we excel in crafting and executing effective plans to ensure the secure warehousing and transport of your shipments.

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Customs Clearance

Navigating the intricate customs procedures of different countries during exports and imports can be challenging. Lotka understands these complexities.

With our extensive global presence and a network of highly experienced customs brokers, we offer professional customs clearing services for all commodities worldwide. Regardless of your chosen incoterms (Ex-work, FCA, DDP, etc.), partnering with Lotka means your cargo is cleared hassle-free.

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