In the world of paper logistics, the importance of efficient and reliable services cannot be overstated. Lotka Shipping Services LLC is here to meet your paper transportation needs, offering a range of tailored solutions to streamline your operations.

Our Extensive Reach
With regular services connecting Europe (Germany, Austria, and more) and East Asia (South Korea, China, Indonesia, and beyond), Lotka Shipping Services LLC ensures that your paper cargo can move seamlessly across international borders. Our vast network and strategic partnerships enable us to offer comprehensive coverage for your transportation needs.

Efficiency through Paper Roll Clamps
We understand the importance of safeguarding your paper products during the loading and unloading process. Lotka Shipping Services LLC employs cutting-edge paper roll clamps for stuffing and de-stuffing purposes, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable cargo. Our commitment to precision and care sets us apart in the industry.

Generous Free Time Allowance
At Lotka Shipping Services LLC, we appreciate the value of time in your paper trade operations. That’s why we offer more than 14 days of free time, with options for 21 days or more. This flexibility allows you to manage your shipments with confidence and without the pressure of tight timelines.

Our Added Values
These advantages, including our extensive network, paper roll clamps, and generous free time allowances, have convinced numerous traders to rely on us for their paper logistics. Lotka Shipping Services LLC is committed to delivering exceptional services that go above and beyond to meet your specific needs.