AJEX Collaborates with MODON to Boost Logistics in Saudi Arabia

AJEX Expands Logistics Operations from Dammam’s Industrial Hub

AJEX Logistics Services, a specialist in express logistics and industrial solutions in the Middle East, has recently entered into a partnership agreement with the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones – MODON.

Under this agreement, AJEX will extend its logistics services from the rapidly growing industrial hub of Dammam. This marks a significant milestone in AJEX’s growth trajectory since its inception in 2021. The Saudi-based logistics firm will operate warehousing facilities spanning 6,000 sqm at MODON.

These facilities will be dedicated to storing various goods, including dangerous items, food and beverage products, and general merchandise. The expansion aligns with AJEX’s commitment to providing comprehensive logistics solutions.

AJEX Logistics Takes a Strategic Leap with Reverse Logistics Services in Saudi Arabia

By partnering with MODON, AJEX strengthens its logistics capabilities in Dammam, a key center for the Kingdom’s oil, gas, and industrial sectors. Dammam is also rapidly emerging as a hub for non-oil-related manufacturing, including the food and beverage industry.

MODON’s strategic location, situated 55km from King Fahd International Airport, 32km from Dammam Railway Station, and 40km from King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, coupled with AJEX’s specialized expertise, supports Saudi Arabia’s vision of fostering industrial growth and innovation.

Ali Al Ribi, AJEX’s Warehouse Director, emphasized the significance of the new warehousing facilities resulting from the MODON partnership. He stated, “Our latest warehousing facilities, thanks to our agreement with MODON, will bolster our capabilities in managing complex logistics challenges safely and efficiently.”

This collaboration positions AJEX to play a pivotal role in supporting the growth of Saudi Arabia’s industrial and non-oil-related sectors, aligning with the Kingdom’s economic development goals.

The strategic partnership not only underscores AJEX’s dedication to logistical excellence but also opens avenues for innovation and efficiency in supply chain management. As AJEX continues to expand, it remains committed to setting new standards in the logistics industry, envisioning a future where seamless and secure logistics solutions contribute to industrial growth and prosperity.