Stuffing & Cross stuffing

Each type of packing including cartons, pallets, buckets, barrels, drums, bale, jumbo bags, bags, bulk minerals, block stone, tile stones and glasses, vehicles and other different types of packing needs specific care and experience for stuffing, stowing, stacking and Lashing Containers and also de-stuffing and cross stuffing of the cargo is so sensitive and needs very special care. 

We’re doing stuffing and cross stuffing of all different commodities in Dubai for more than 10 years and By using the experienced team of stuffing and cross stuffing in our global branches it’s our great pleasure to design and apply the best stuffing  and cross stuffing plan and operation for your shipments to ensure safe delivery of the consignments in the ocean transportation. 

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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Oil products, Petrochemicals, Foodstuff, Minerals, Metals, Paper, Glassware, Stones and Medical Solutions

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