Land Services

Land Services (Truck and Rail) 

The Land Service department of Lotka with years of experience in the Trucking and Rail transportation industry is at your services to support you for all your trucking and rail service requirements. 


Road and Trucking: 

By using reputed and responsible subcontractors and with understanding the culture and language of drivers and translating it to the high standard international business language, regardless of which country transportation is doing, you’ll receive the high quality and solid services of Lotka all the time. 

Our services are including: 


  • International trucking services (between countries) 
  • Domestic trucking services (inland countries) 
  • Internal and external transit (customs bonded transportation) 
  • Reefer Trucks 
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) (ADR) 
  • Out of gage and overweight trucking services 
  • Personal effects and diplomatic cargo 


In general Freight, ADR is a responsible mission, since dangerous classified products are associated with the potential risk of explosion, fire, human, or environmental harm during the storage or transport process. Therefore, it is important and imperative by law that conveyance of DG Classified cargos is practiced by well-trained professionals with special paraphernalia proportionate to cargo nature and conditions. LOTKA, excluding for parcels dispatch, is capable of transporting of dangerous goods in accordance with the norm of practice for consignments classified under the United Nation’s ADR treaty and its ensuing modified annexes, governing the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. 


Rail Services: 

LOTKA, in view of the bright prospects of railway service, has initiated modus operandi to benefit from the existing rail transit market. Our warehouse connectivity to railway networks makes the cross-docking more economical with wellplanned operational configurations. LOTKA, in accordance with railway authorities, provides time defined railway service supported by an online hightech info system. 

By using all available railways infrastructure of China, CIS, Middle East, and Europe and with different dedicated wagons We’re serving rail services for internal transportation inside the countries and also for international transportation between the countries.