Spending decades in Oil product fields, we know exactly how to handle the logistics process using special stuffing equipment such as Clipper and plastic cover on container walls and floor to prevent any harm to your cargo or any container damages.

If you need any certificate like SGS, BESC… leave it to us.


Using or own Flexi Bags and expert team to furnish the Flexi container and monitoring the stuffing process at the factory place, you can rest assured that your cargo will arrive at its final destination exactly in the same conditions which manufactured.

LOTKA provides an inclusive, specialized, clean and environmental friendly FlexiTank Services. The service is rather cost-effective in comparison with tank containers, drums, and IBC operations. The maximized payload is associated with utilizing the Flexi Tanks due to their lightweight. Flexi Tanks have 15 % more payload than IBCs, 44 % more than drums and 50 % more payload than bottles with no cleaning or disposal costs, faster loading rate compared to drums and IBCs with lower labor for handling, filling and loading as well as low positioning costs and lower product loss while unloading. No need for intermediate large bulk storage, which also would eliminate the risk of contamination. There is no demurrage applicable on Flexi Tanks, but only on containers with no return – loads needed.