stress expansion of transport ties between Iran and Uzbekistan

During a meeting of Iran-Uzbekistan Joint Road Transportation Committee, the Iranian and Uzbek officials emphasized the significance of boosting bilateral ties in transportation sector, IRNA reported on Saturday.

As reported, the meeting was attended by Mr. Abdol-hashem Hassan-Nia (Iran’s Deputy Transport Minister) and Mr. Davron Dekhkanov (Uzbekistan’s Deputy Minister of Transport as well as Uzbekistan’s ambassador to Iran, and the representative of Iran’s Embassy in Uzbekistan).

Addressing the virtual meeting, the Iranian deputy transport minister said that “expansion of economic relations between Iran and Uzbekistan has been always emphasized by the two sides’ senior officials, and in this due, boosting transport ties between the two countries is seriously pursued by the Iranian Transport Ministry.”

Hassan-Nia further announced his country’s readiness to transfer knowledge and experience in the field of transportation to Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek official for his part emphasized the significance of holding such meetings in removing the problems in terms of transport cooperation between the two countries and expressed hope that such meetings will lead to laying a better ground for the expansion of bilateral ties.

Iran and Uzbekistan emphasized the expansion of relations in all economic areas during the two countries’ 13th Joint Economic Committee meeting in Tashkent in mid-December last year.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Reza Rahmani (former Iranian Industry, Mining and Trade Minister) , Mr. Elyor Ganiyevand (Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister) and representatives of several renowned companies from both sides attended the event.

The Iranian minister pointed to the presence of 50 Iranian companies in the meeting and holding mutual trade conferences as well as Iran’s exclusive exhibition in Tashkent as indications of the importance that Iran puts on mutual trade and economic collaboration with Uzbekistan.

“Over the past few years, major documents have been signed by the two countries in a variety of areas including trade, transportation, and joint investment, some of which have been already operationalized”, Mr. Rahmani said.

Mr. Rahmani further expressed “hope that holding such committee meetings would help the two sides to take major steps for boosting collaboration between the two countries’ private sectors.”

Later that month, the board chairman of Iran’s Chabahar Free Trade–Industrial Zone Organization announced that Uzbekistan has reached an agreement with Iran for transiting agricultural products and minerals to India through Iran’s Chabahar Port.

According to Abdolrahim Kordi words, the agreement was made during the Iran-Uzbekistan’s 13th Joint Economic Committee meeting in Tashkent.

“We reached an agreement with Uzbekistan’s Free Trade Zone for cooperation in transiting agricultural products and minerals,” Mr. Kordi said.

“In the Iran-Uzbekistan Cooperation Document [which was signed in the end of the 13th committee meeting] three specific clauses were dedicated to cooperation between free zones, development of logistic hubs and joint ventures,” Mr. Kordi added.

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